by Into Oblivion

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Harrowing winds rend the sky Trumpets blast homecoming's march Onwards in Triumph earth quakes From battles crimson and grim Kingdom upon kingdom razed Graven effigies ashen cold Monoliths of Empyrean might Assault the Walls of Time Passing through the keep of Janus Into lands of birth and toil Kin rejoice and reap the Return Bearing standards, bearing blood Brimming with mirth and with wine Ancient songs are sung Of Crowns and Jeweled Thrones That hail the spoils of the sword As Old bones mourn In tomb and funeral pyre Treading the laurel-strewn path (In cloak, helm and spear) In aspect of the Supreme (Enflamed his visage) Draw down Divinity (With sword and scepter) As Ruin drifts nigh... Memento mori, mors mihi lucrum (May Death stride forever before me) In Triumphallic procession Unto sacred Hearth Bring forth the white bulls, The diadem and the tokens; In honour, in absolute Victory Sol Invictus, Dominus Bellum (Unconquerable Sun, Master of War) Trodden are the realms of the earth Underneath my sandled feet My cup runneth over with desire To be numbered among the Peerless Mark the spoils at Thine feet Of Him who strides the way of Doom Behold the red, Etruscan arts Spill the blood, read the portents Turn the horns towards the Deep Tongues are held by golden keys Sanguine, the way of revelation Withered, the white poplar wreath In the brume the Seer sinks Divine the rose shapes of smoke In the throes of mystery Where the omens weep In their tears I see the fall Reign of Iron, Reign of Ruin Death march unto the Void Yet the signs emerge... Glory, Valour and Pride Draped 'pon vexed brow Fleeting within itself (An eagle far from home) Lush of worldly fruits (A serpent devours itself) Finite the threads of time (The sun sets on the West) Nay, I am a slave, Marching in amaranthine chains, As hoarse canticles of dust reek from my throat In the plenitude of my elevation Prismatic rays, rotting I seek the augur; I seek her, the Sin-Eater Transmute my poisons into wines for my soul Laid low in charnel-caverns for my physis That she again may restore flesh and make it whole Prophecy and omniscient eyes cast forward towards my fate And Muse and Mead to drown my iniquities I grasp the Golden Thread: Tell me where, Sin-Eater! For I know my desire cannot end in you And she said nothing, but her glance fell upon the Sea...
Tyrant of the ripping tide! Sunderer of Grotesque Creatrix! Swath cutter of thine brooding intellect! I fly aloft thy defiant blood! This oathbound lance Cleaves through your protesting waves For battle courses through these veins And your dazzling throes Invoke not cowardice... But rebuke! Pathless my vessel drifts among frozen monoliths, Striking an ebon altar Where stands a pale haruspex, Draped in writhing scales Seizing the ophidian oblate, Draws her blade 'cross the throat Blood pouring into a chalice, Aflame in azure! The priestess beckons me to drink, Libation piercing within! The eldritch ritual collapses the three pronged folds of time Bringing forth the rapturous void Serpents writhe in the Cosmos Coiling about the Sun, Constricting Fangs sink into Astral veins Poisoning Celestial spheres A Throne withers dark Death Heritage of the Black Spokes I glide among the brume, forlorn and longing Lumbering; the yoke of transience Gnawing; the death that lurks within Scourge and ruin; accolades to my lust Neither defeat, nor triumph comes Feats are cinders drifting towards none I hear a choir of muses and it guides me On my quest towards Eternity Shores in Flames appear in the fog The glint of Sun on Steel, a Red Dawn For a Soul starved of Light Crush the spell of the oracle The World-Eater nears from below Glittering serpent Grinder of the Trinal Root From the Pale of buried hollows Billowing miasma, brandishing brands The Masked one towers above Striker in the Dark Foment thy impending doom! Two swords drawn; Twin storms delivered The first of my mouth Lays low its pride The second of steel Lay low the scaled worm Seal of maelstrom The key to Triumphallic gate Infinite black deep! Thou art the greatest looking glass! Tumultuous throughout as within! Hear the thunder roll, The Siren Song and Trident's ire Winds cast lots on my desire See the lightning cleave Bleed this black yet fleece the sky And dread the multitude to rise I subject the inner waters My will passes over their face As I bestow form on the formless The coast ablaze with fire and force Pyres lap away clinging dark A forest of stolid eyes chill the bones Figures of Iron, cloak and spear Shadows of Stone, Bronze and Iron Circling above in Time before itself Children of the deepest gorge Numbering beyond the whirling sands Bound to action eternally as damnation rides before me In conflagration of all laurels, Immolating desire towards duty Cries for blood echo throughout the Void Battle horns herald the coming of Death As weary ships kiss the Cradle of the Gods
Imperial winds blow from the west Once more our Might shall rise Our Bows of Burning Gold Let fly arrows of desire Spears transfix our Destiny To the hearts of the Enemy Thundering chariots of fire Driving Armageddon before us Conquest and war, the bow and the sword Adroitly pierce and cleave the bone Famine and Death, the scale and the scythe Astutely weigh and reap these souls Behold the Infinite Majesty! Enthroned in Clouds and Fire! The gleam of a thousand blades piercing the skies The shadow of a thousand dooms upon our foes The blood of the sun drowning the Vault Entombed within its Solstice Funeral zephyrs blow On hallowed plains of strife As Eagles gird Empyreum's blaze Talons grasp the burning wreath The Ritual of blood and iron unfolds Into whirlwinds of pandemonium Now is the feasting of swords Content when blue blades flame and crimson Dead to the world as we are to their steel Striving for Life beyond illusion THIS IS THE COMMAND OF THE PATRIARCH! We are summoned from beyond to awaken our Ancestry ESTABLISH THE ELDER LINES! Our ranks form the bulwark to the onslaught of our enemies PROTECTED BY HERALDRY! We sacrifice our blood to appease Ancient Deities CHALICE UPON CHANTRY! It is said that these lands are the Cradle of Divinity HIDDEN WITHIN THE MIST! The world is but dust in the Eyes of Reality THRALL TO THE HAND OF TIME! We come to spill our coffers and quest for Eternity FOLLOW THE VOICE OF BLOOD! Legions of Dead lay before me On the bonestrewn path to Victory We thrive on the whim of Cessation To catch a glimpses of our Destiny In a forest of Tombs and sanguine mists Where Being vexes our wandering coffins Home is but a spectre among the murk A veil of gold and rusted swords Swathed about the mystery of the Sin-Eater I drink bitterness from this empty chalice Onwards, by desolate ways Foreign to the footfalls of our Fathers Unceasing in Mental Fight As our swords sing in our hands We grasp beyond mortal throne and scepter Towards the gleam of the Forgotten Race
Astray along the journey of life I woke to find myself in warped wood For I have wandered from the path; How hard it is to recount old glory, Forest of wilderness, savage and stubborn The thought of it moves me to fear This dread, bitter place! Let Death be bitterer. But if I would return from lesser war I must now stoke the Greater Silver lanterns rove On paths forgotten; unknown Among the towering Oak In manifold direction Spelled to dissipation Trespass the weeping mist To seek the Temple In a forest of temples By ways argentine and cryptic Plagued by visions of mortality Playing their tragedies in stale pools In acts pale and amorphous Their ends steeped in the Arcane Beginnings: Ancient Before the weavers began their Work And bound the world to its thongs In the age of the Serpent Ages fade into Shades Knowledge sought in all and towards none Consuming itself Kings ensnared by sundry lusts Blades rusted of bygone triumph Banners unraveled, the Seat rotting Pillars crumbling, effigies of the forgotten It said one would come From the West One of great strength A conqueror A man that would someday join Divinity By his own hand One who would crush the snakes of the earth And bear them high for all to see That the death that lurks within Is the war that sets you free I have built the Pillars I have tamed the Oceans I have slain the Matchless Yet only I remain Beneath the shadow of death, I conquered all before me Broken the sword and flesh For they impeded me Triumphs of steel and fire Write thine name on hearts of Men, know that you are dust And to dust you return Bring me Annihilation Cremate this carnal coffin Cast ashes to the wind Let this please the Masters Drudging onward with weary feet In the gloom of frozen mystery Have I come for naught? Have I slain for naught? In the pitchest black Among the gnarling root Am I to find my death? Am I to find my failure? This journey is insane Let my bones weep my tale From my wooden tomb I have come for naught I have slain for naught A light emerges in the pitch The sound of water trickles through the air A grove of cedar, a withered man Keeper of the sacred copse "Those trees in whose dim shadow The ghastly priest doth reign The priest who slew the slayer, And shall himself be slain." From on high I pluck the bough Gold gleaming of my hand Our fates entwined before Time Since Death breathed Life into our veins Of him who sees the world as dust Only to kill to start again Of him who sees an Empire of airs Only to watch the fall again O Priest, where is your sword? O Priest, where is your Victory? The shackles are broken, the cycles overthrown The shackles are broken, my enemies are fallen The shackles are broken, I hear the Fathers call The shackles are broken, and Life reigns The beating of wings fills the air Shrieks shatter the still of horizons In its talons, a coiled mass Borne on high in Majesty It soars on Crimson streams In realms beyond the reach of men Through frozen peaks it flies between Towards the origins of Destiny
The loom of a grand mountain Enthroned by twilight Shadow enrobes the root Icebound spears pierce the Huntress My strides drink her silver blood Flowing from the peaks The luster realized through me Whispers of primordial winds Pass over the face of the waters Voice of ritual subjugating Sheathing the indomitable trident My will passes over the face of eminence Towards ruin is destiny This is the Eve of Dissolution I begin my Ascension Which Titans have failed Which the gods have mocked Standing by their immortality The air carries the laughter Echoing through the bowels of the Schism Where fate abodes The further the ascent The further "I" dissipates Disintegrate, collapse Drowning in the tumult The vision floods the mind Flowing with archaic deeds Carving a path to my Destiny Eroding illusions of separation Waterfall of will Forming the pools of Memory Invoking images of my homeland The bloom of white poplar The breath of Western wind The budding branch of Spring's noontide dance The Eternity of summer, Wooden towers strike the heavens Autumn's perpetual spell of slumber Tombs of Winter, Creation's sepulcher Symphonies of Blood and Soil To this I affirm my Transcendence Reaching the summit To witness Divine Warfare Storms battle twixt the peaks Missiles of Lightning, Blades of Thunder Exchanging Titanic blows The Lash of Tempest upon a Triumphant brow As witness to this Grotesque Glory Chanting verses of the sublime Invoking cataclysmic rapture Wisdom boring through apocryphal dimensions An eruption of souls From the vein of the Universe Forming a portal Dark winds bear notes of omen through the void As I follow the enthralling melodies Through the vigilant eye of Janus Into a cavern so cold Abscess guards the temple with infinite depth Ring the bells of despair The leaden notes weigh upon a battled heart As I stare into the abyss Gods descend their thrones Their gaze bores into my soul "We are the path to the Seat, the going across The guardian of the Rite. Will is what spurred you to Victory, Uncreated I am, twixt the temporal and eternal planes we dwell Before us, all boasted of I, none have venerated will!" Unto thee I give myself My sword, my throne, my life Flesh and I rendered and torn Lord of shade and dust The eagle soars on scarlet winds Clasping the devouring bight Coiled about the Sun Cacophonous conflagrating clarion Immortal immolating insignia Gloriously gliding towards the gleam New eyes fall upon an altar Draped in morbid ceremony Upon it, a brilliant chalice The Golden wine of the Sun! The gates are open A new odyssey begins A new Throne awaits My cup overfloweth With the might of a thousand virtues One pointed towards Eternity A new day has befallen the sons of the Exalted Sprinting down the mountainside, in joyous stride Give chase to Horizons of Youth Howling with the wolves, the true lay of Victory! Unfurling on baying winds Forever onward, Into Oblivion, Even to Ruin!


released June 6, 2018

Composition by Roman Lechman
Lyrics by Andre Ferreira and Roman Lechman
Recorded and Produced by Kaveh Afshar
Mixed and Mastered by Angry Dave
Cover Art by Paolo Girardi


all rights reserved



Into Oblivion Toronto, Ontario

The death that lurks within is the war that sets you free.

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